Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outdoor Garden Statues Bring Your Garden Into Focus

When you have worked hard to create a certain atmosphere in your garden, adding an outside figurine or statue can demonstrate it in a visual way easily understood by most visitors. If you haven’t thought about this before, start looking at the placement and type of statues you find in public gardens and then discern the atmosphere of that garden.

A Joyful celebration garden often has statues of children dancing, flying kites or playing. It also might have a fountain that playfully splashes or a colorful,free-form sculpture.

Meditation gardens are usually more serene with contemplative pools, koi ponds or more formal statue forms. They might feature such quiet water features as when the water runs down the outside of an urn.

Memorial gardens could have a bust or a profile plaque of someone we want to remember. Sometimes people want to keep in mind a beloved pet and an animal statue reminds us of the one we lost. This can also be a particularly nice way to remember a lost child and there are a lot of children’s statues available. Most children like knowing that this is "Jimmy’s statue" and it helps them to understand that even though a brother or sister may have died, we won’t forget them.

Personality Gardens reflect the personality of the person who created them. These are places where ‘anything goes’ and you find statues ‘just because I like it". Depending on who established the garden, it could be formally laid out or a riotous blend of sound and color.