Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Cosmetic contact lenses are made of soft, smooth and delicate plastic substance which is colored around the perimeter and easily to see through from the center. These lenses are actually meant for only beauty purposes and are not to be recommended as visionary purpose lenses. Though this is a setback, these lenses are also known throughout the world for their great extent of shades, styles, colors, all designed to give you a spectacular look.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colored Non Prescription Contact Lenses Online

Branded contact lens manufacturers such as Acuvue, Freshlook, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision etc all offer zero power, non-precription contact lenses, which includes the Freshlook Color dimension, the Acuvue 2 colors etc. When you purchase the lens, all you need to do is state your power as "0" which will automatically mean that you need a non-prescription contact lens. The Acuvue 2 colors enhancers and Acuvue 2 colors opaques are natural looking lenses that either enhances your eye color by adding a beautiful shine or it changes the color entirely. Same with Freshlook color contacts, you have various colors and enhancers to choose from. All these contact lenses are soft, easy to wear and very comfortable, along with being disposable contact lenses. You can use them for either a day or a week, depending upon the type of lens you buy, and after the specified usage period, simply throw them away. Though this is expensive, online contact lenses discount deals are always affordable.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Purchased Colored Contact Lenses UK

This expense led to the springing up of online services that offered large discounts on purchasing contact lenses online, and like always the internet comes to the rescue. Like US, there are many UK online sites that have years of experience and can provide you lenses with a discounted rate of 70%. Some of the famous sites are, and all of which claim years of experience and very economical, cheap contact lenses for the people of UK. As it is, always check out for the legality of the websites, because the internet is also a hub of scams and frauds. And before purchasing lenses, always visit your doctor for a proper prescription.