Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tobacco Free Electronic Cigarette

E-cigarette dealers support banning product to minors
SPOKANE — Minors are now forbidden to buy electronic cigarettes in Spokane. Monday night, the Spokane City Council voted unanimously on the ban for people under the age of 18. There were several e-cigarette dealers and users at that meeting and none of them opposed the sale of the product to minors. Travis Jent owns the Vapor Lounge in Downtown Spokane.

Electric Cigarettes Raleigh

I can still remember that hot summer day in June of 1971; I was 5 years old, and purchasing my first pack of cigarettes for my father. Each day, straight up noon, my dad would come pulling up in his Ford Torino, and that was my cue, I’d run the two blocks to McCartey’s Market, a small neighborhood grocery store on the corner of 13th and Tindall Ave in Trenton, Missouri, and pick up a pack of Sir Walter Raleigh cigarettes. Njoy Electronic Cigarette South Africa

On this particular June lunch hour, that I believe to have been my very first cigarette purchasing adventure, I leaned over the only checkout counter in the store and timidly said, “I need a pack of Sir Walter Raleigh’s please”, and the lady’s reply still haunts me some 36 years later. “Oh how cute, honey are you gonna smoke these, or are they for your Daddy?”She asked. “They’re my Daddy’s” I chirped back. “Well I’ll bet when you get a little older, you’ll smoke the same kind, won’t you?”