Friday, November 20, 2009

Year The Internet Was Born

When the US President took the matter in his hands…
Lets’ go back in 1957. Yes, the year when the Soviet Union beat U.S in the space war by launching first artificial satellite Sputnik. The US president was appalled by this hit and tried to find out what was going on in his country’s research labs. He got fumed to know that the research funds had been squabbled over by the Navy, Military, and the Air Force. So, he decided to make one, single research organization and named it ARPA.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cheap White Contact Lenses Online

There are many kinds of white eyes, either the white zombie, or the white cat eye, which gives a truly eerie affect, and can cause quite a stir amongst your friends, if you happen to wear them to any freak show party. The lenses are so strong, that just donning them on will not only scare your friends, but most probably you yourself!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Paypal for Traveling

There are many online shops that offer special gift cards for the visitors. You can use paypal to purchase these gift cards. All you need to make sure is that, you have the same address on the gift card and on your paypal account. This is something really important that you need to keep in mind. Your name and address that you provide to the online stores for payment and shipment must be the same as it is on your paypal account as paypal is operated by Verisign, that verifies a name with an authentic address.

No matter what you want to pay for, discount Disney travel package, travel study course, travel women only vacations, international travel discount airfares or small gift items, you can make use of paypal to make your payments safely and securely.