Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Perfume Samples

I have a problem, and though I love perfume, I have come to loathe perfume samples. They are everywhere, and they are dangerous. I’m not kidding! Not only that, they give me a headache, and there are times I have to put a magazine down before I can continue to read. Perhaps my sense of smell is too sensitive, but when a magazine is full of perfume samples, I have to go through and rip them all out before I can read it. I know many people like them, but I’m not so sure I like them very much.
Perfume samples not only come in magazines, they have recently come into my home by way of a Macy’s sales flyer. Macy’s in new in my area, and I don’t know why I am getting the flyers, but they arrive in my mail each week. I don’t mind this so much, but what I do mind is the numerous perfume samples that are always included. They aren’t even secured in the flyer. They are loose and they fall out everywhere. Last week I dropped one on the way up the steps from getting my mail. Later, I stepped on it and promptly fell down three steps.
Now that I know the perfume samples are coming, I have to clutch the flyer rather tightly until I can get upstairs. Then I hold the flyer over the garbage can and shake. I can only hope they have all come out. It’s not so much that I mind trying the new scents. It’s a matter of safety, you see. Who would have thought a tiny scented slip of paper could be so dangerous right? It almost makes the perfume samples in the magazines a bit more pleasant. At least those are attached. I understand why they make perfume samples, and I understand why they want to get them out there, but surely there is a better way.
Of course, the ingenious woman can save a lot of money on perfume if she does not have a particular scent she must wear. If you save your perfume samples, you can have a new scent to wear each day of the week, but you’ll have to have access to a lot of samples. Get on the mailing lists for all of the department stores in your area, and look online and in the stores for other samples. Use them as they come, however, as they may sour quickly.