Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Business Luxury Men Shirt Buy Now

The perfect business look is never complete without a perfect shirt and we know how to handle this business so we are here with an ultimate guide on how to buy a shirt for the true corporate look.

Button-Down Collars
Button-down collars are the perfect choice for a workplace dress without making it too dressy. Buy fitted, button-down collar shirts and pair them up with medium size ties. In summers keep the hues light. A cotton shirt with dark straight lines on light colored background will also do the job.
While we are discussing collar rules for perfect luxury business shirts, the wide, spread-collar shirt is the one which surely should not be missed. The perfect choice for a bold and confident look! Compliment the spread collar with medium or slim sized tie and keep the tie know tight.

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Ashley said...

Thanks for linking.!! I used to get most of my business shirts from Lands End. Really an ultimate guide on how to buy a shirt.