Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wholesale Fashionable Tye Dye Apparel

A unique type of tye dye is seen in Thailand. Mudmee tye-dye is only developed in Thailand’s cities since mudmee silk is required to be dyed for that purpose. The patterns of this art of tye dye are very appealing and colorful. These mudmee items are imported specially from wholesale tye dye dealers of Thailand and are sold over here in higher prices. Ladies tye dye hoodies are made from these patterns. Tye dye shirts for women are sold on wholesale prices in San Antonio. Apart from ladies wear, the wholesale tye dye apparel deals with kids and teen’s wear as well. Teenagers prefer the tye dye background shirts with their names screen printed on them. You can order such kind of shirts from various online wholesale stores. Although tye dye industry is a small industy but its increasing demand is asking many distributors to import apparel from those countries where tye dye apparels are worn traditionally. This exchange is apparel is not only beneficent for our country but for the foreign countries too.