Saturday, October 21, 2006

Artificial Christmas trees

Although nothing beats a fresh Christmas tree, with its fragrant pine-needle scent, there are several reasons an artificial Christmas tree makes sense in certain situations. Some artificial Christmas trees are so realistic, you'd have to get quite close to tell the difference. If you're a veteran decorator (and “un-decorator”) of Christmas trees, you know some of the disadvantages of the real thing, beautiful and fragrant as it may be. Let's look at some of the reasons you might favor an artificial tree.
If you live in the city and have an apartment or condo on the third floor, it requires considerable effort to purchase, transport and install the tree before you ever start decorating.
Grandma and Grandpa may just not have the energy for the running around and muscling the tree in place. Getting the tree in your home and setting it up can be hard work.
Even if you're physically up to it, you may simply not have the time. Sometimes an artificial Christmas tree just makes good sense in your situation.
It's fun to let children have their own small Christmas tree in their room – they love gazing at the lights at night, with dreams of sugarplums in their heads. On the other hand, many parents worry about fire danger from a tree that's too dry. An artificial Christmas tree resolves this worry.
Perhaps you want a white Christmas tree, to suit your taste or color scheme. Fresh trees do not come in white. Artificial Christmas trees do!
Unlike a fresh tree, an artificial Christmas tree is perfectly symmetrical, and this is an important point for some decorators. An artificial Christmas tree lasts for many years and may simply be stored away out of season, in a relatively small space. Most come in sections, easily and quickly fitted together when you're ready to decorate.
To make up for the lack of that fresh tree fragrance, try using bowls of potpourri in strategic locations. You can even purchase spray scents that simulate fresh pine. A simmering pot of apple cider on the stove with cloves and sticks of cinnamon creates a heavenly fragrance all around the house.
If you've got your heart set on genuine fresh pine scent, gather or purchase pine branches to make into a garland for the fireplace or stair railing.
Probably one of the strongest points for an artificial tree is cleanup after New Year's. After becoming entangled in lights, pierced by dry needles and decked with sap in your hair, you may go for the artificial Christmas tree next year! Merry Christmas to you and yours!