Monday, August 17, 2009

Order Oxycontin Without Prescription Online

Brand Name:OxyContin
Medical Name: Oxycodone
Type: Prescription
Class: Pain killer

OxyContin – Possible Side effects
Like all narcotic drugs OxyContin also has some side effects. The drug user may develop constipation, sedation and long term effects include dependence on the drug. Since it brings changes in the body mechanism, the drug user may face some ‘withdrawal’ effect when the use is stopped suddenly. The body may also get immune to the drug so the patient might need to increase the dosage.

Order OxyContin online without Prescription
OxyContin is widely ordered from online pharmacies as a generic pain killer. OxyContin is available in different dosages and the prices vary depending on the strength of the drug. OxyContin can be ordered online without a doctor’s prescription. With fast shipping and easy payment options, online ordering has now become even more convenient.